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Who is John Mew?

Dr. John Mew is a British orthodontist whose work focused heavily on facial growth. Dr. Mew believes that the environment can encourage and direct the growth of the jaws. In other words, various exercises and changes in diet can grow the jaws. Initially, many resisted Dr. Mew’s views, claiming his orthotropic theories are false. However there is more data coming out recently to support some of the ideas behind what Dr. Mew has been advocating for. You can read our article for a more in-depth explanation of mewing here.

Is Teledentistry Effective?

Teledentistry has its advantages and disadvantages, but it can be effective for a few procedures. It is most effective when trying to obtain help quickly, or to get information on what you should. For example, if someone has a painful abscess and it is apparent an infection is present, they may be able to easily get some medications to treat the infection before they see a dentist. It can also be helpful when trying to find the pros and cons of various treatments. Unfortunately, since virtual services cannot provide hands-on treatment, you still need to find a dentist to address the problem.

How Do I Treat Burns In My Mouth?

Common mouth burns are typically minor temperature burns. If burns result from consuming non-edible chemicals, contact poison control or visit an emergency room immediately. Treatment mainly focuses on symptom management until healing occurs. The mouth’s soft tissues heal rapidly, and topical anesthetics can numb the area. Pharmacies can provide a prescription-based “Magic Mouthrinse” that significantly aids healing. Maintain cleanliness and minimize contact with the affected area. In healthy individuals, burns usually become tolerable within a week or two at most.

Why Do I Have So Many Problems With My Teeth?

Many factors affect dental health, including genetics, diet, and hygiene. Although genetics play a role, diet and hygiene are often more significant. Dental diseases frequently go unnoticed until they become severe, making hygiene easy to overlook. Hygiene needs also vary; some individuals maintain their teeth with less than the standard twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing, while others may need to brush three to four times a day, floss twice, and use a water flosser. Adequate cleaning can prevent many dental issues. Additionally, for those who clench and grind their teeth, preventive measures can help prolong tooth longevity.

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