Ask the Dentist

Dr. Cho typically covers questions he’s received from his patients on a monthly basis. However, if you have a question that you’d like to ask, please feel free to use the form below! We may feature your question on our next round of Ask the Dentist!

Ask the Dentist
A picture of a new toothbrush and an old toothbrush.

Ask The Dentist – May 2024


Dr. Cho discusses how dental problems affect overall health, how to manage sensitive teeth, the safety of dental treatments during pregnancy, and how often you should replace your toothbrush.
A picture of a pregnant woman during a dental checkup.

Ask The Dentist – April 2024


Dr. Cho discusses how often to brush and floss, when you need a root canal, how to take care of your teeth during a pregnancy, and how much better electric toothbrushes are than manual toothbrushes.
A picture of a mouth with gum disease.

Ask The Dentist – March 2024


Dr. Cho discusses if fillings are permanent, what causes cavities, things to do during a dental emergency, and signs of gum disease.
A picture of a young man applying dental bleach to a dental bleach retainer.

Ask The Dentist – February 2024


Dr. Cho discusses teeth bleaching, first teeth in children, flossing before or after brushing, and the safety of dental x-rays.
A picture of a red-haired woman who burned her mouth drinking coffee.

Ask The Dentist – January 2024


Dr. Cho discusses mewing, why teledentistry is helpful, mouth burns, and why you could have so problems with your teeth.
A patient is getting a fluoride treatment at the dentist.

Ask The Dentist – December 2023


Dr. Cho discusses bumps in your mouth, why fluoride isn't recommended by all dentists, small offices and their hours, and what gingivitis is.