Ask the Dentist

Dr. Cho typically covers questions he’s received from his patients on a monthly basis. However, if you have a question that you’d like to ask, please feel free to use the form below! We may feature your question on our next round of Ask the Dentist!

Ask the Dentist
A picture of a young man applying dental bleach to a dental bleach retainer.

Ask The Dentist – February 2024


Dr. Cho discusses teeth bleaching, first teeth in children, flossing before or after brushing, and the safety of dental x-rays.
A picture of a red-haired woman who burned her mouth drinking coffee.

Ask The Dentist – January 2024


Dr. Cho discusses mewing, why teledentistry is helpful, mouth burns, and why you could have so problems with your teeth.
A patient is getting a fluoride treatment at the dentist.

Ask The Dentist – December 2023


Dr. Cho discusses bumps in your mouth, why fluoride isn't recommended by all dentists, small offices and their hours, and what gingivitis is.
A picture of an amalgam filling of questionable quality.

Ask The Dentist – November 2023


Dr. Cho discusses amalgam fillings, sleep appliances, digital impressions, and if digital impressions are any good.
A photograph of a girl with braces holding a toothbrush and dental pick.

Ask The Dentist – October 2023


Dr. Cho discusses if you should get braces, how long do you need to wear them for, are they painful, and clear aligners.
A photograph of an x-ray highlighting the location of wisdom teeth.

Ask The Dentist – September 2023


Dr. Cho discusses wisdom teeth removal, white fillings, seeing specialists for procedures, and how many cleanings you need per year.